Region: Oued – ed-Dahab – Lagouira
Population: 60,000


Since 1979, the lagoon city of Dakhla is the capital of the province Qued-Dahab (formerly Rio d’Oro), and from 1998 on, it serves as the head office of the region Oued ed-Dahab Lagouira which includes the southern district and town of Aousserd, located 271 km south of Dakhla. Back in 1906, the Spanish had erected a fortress in Dakhla, accompanied by an oblong market place and fenced in by beautiful white homes decorated with pinnacles.

Today, Dakhla has changed into a bustling trading town and for quite some time now, the city is counted among the insider tips for amateur fishermen and wind surfers – especially because of its untouched, white sandy beaches which surround the bay bar. For a few years now, Dakhla hosts a festival featuring musical performances, camel races, and expositions in nomad tents. The city is looking forward to an increase of tourist numbers through a cooperative initiative with the near Canary Islands – a partner with close trade relations.